Teaching Training


Workshop, Composing a teaching philosophy statement, Center for Teaching and Learning, Oregon State University

Workshop, Teaching strategies that align with learning and cognitive theories, Center for Teaching and Learning, Oregon State University

Workshop, Building a teaching portfolio around six principles of effective university teaching, Center for Teaching and Learning, Oregon State University

Teacher training workshop, Science & Math Investigative Learning Experiences (SMILE), Oregon State University precollege program

I wrote a lesson plan for this workshop: Ocean Acidification: From A Geological and Chemical Perspective that I plan to publish with my co-authors.


Higher Education Teaching Preparation Seminar for Postdoctoral Scholars, Center for Teaching and Learning, Oregon State University

This was a 5-week seminar on the foundational elements of effective university teaching including learning outcomes, formative and summative assessment, cognition and learning, and strategies for engaging students.


Fellow, National Science Foundation Graduate STEM Fellows in K-12 Education (GK-12), CAMEOS: Coastal Atmospheric and Marine Environmental Observing Studies for Enhanced Graduate and K-12 STEM Education at the University of California Bodega Marine Laboratory

As a NSF GK-12 fellow I received training in inquiry-based learning. The training was built from Marine Activities, Resources & Education (MARE) curriculum, and pedagogy based on the course, Communicating Ocean Science, developed by the NSF-funded Center for Ocean Science Education Excellence—California (COSEE—CA).