Science Communication is an emerging career path with diverse entry points and skillsets. Have you ever read about a science writer, filmmaker, or blogger and wondered, how in the world did they get THAT job? Or more importantly, how in the world can I get that job? The ESA Science Communication (“SciComm”) Section was founded to address these questions and … More #MySciComm


As Secretary for the Ecological Society of America Science Communication Section I help curate a SciComm blog. Drawing inspiration from the #MySci hashtag, we launched a series called #MySciComm. Our goal is to explore the personal and professional journeys of science communicators, including the joys, struggles, and helpful resources that surfaced along their way. Read my contribution to … More #MySciComm

Crossing Divides: Collaborations to advance geospatial research and improve our world

At its core, geography is the study of how humans use and interact with the Earth. But as a discipline, geography has evolved over the last several decades with the advent of geospatial science, an outgrowth of traditional cartography. And geography in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences has transformed as well. Five … More Crossing Divides: Collaborations to advance geospatial research and improve our world

The Forest Through the Fog

The atmosphere within Northern California’s coast redwood forests is humid, the air pungent and loamy, smelling at once like the sea and earth. This olfactory fusion is appropriate; scientists have discovered that redwood forests thrive on a sea-sourced fog that carries nutrient-rich coastal ocean water. However, uncovering the numerous processes that make it possible for … More The Forest Through the Fog

Ode to the Ancona

On April 9th we, my husband, two sons, and I, went to Homestead Fair 2016 at the Benton County Fairgrounds in Corvallis, OR. We meant to buy a few chickens. Instead, we came home these four, 1 week old Ancona ducks. We called them our quack pack and set them up to live in our bedroom. … More Ode to the Ancona